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Have you ever wondered looking at yourself that something is just not right? Have you ever felt that if only a few changes could be done to your facial skin you could look more beautiful and new? Guess what! No more wondering is needed because we are here to solve your skin problems with facial Peel. The old belief that only a fair complexion makes you beautiful is a wrong concept, but instead, having a beautiful flawless skin no matter what complexion you are makes you look refreshed, new and beautiful regardless your age and facial Peel will serve you with just that.

Facial peel is a chemical processes that will help you regain a beautiful supple skin by getting rid of problems such as acne, wrinkles, dark circles, sun burns, freckles, scars and so on and will naturally allow your face to glow without having to put any make-up.

Facial peel gently removes the top layer of your skin to replace it with regenerated skin and this procedure can be done on the face, neck and hands.

Before you chose get yourself a facial Peel, we would like to enlighten you with more details about this process. A chemical process always has its pros and cons and we always want our clients to be fully aware of what we are offering and what kind of drawbacks it may have.

Facial Peel has been broken down into three basic types. First there is Superficial/Light Peels which is considered for people with less facial problems and can easily be fixed by only working on the upper most layer of the skin giving an instant glow, smoother skin, lesser acne and lesser lines. Then there is Medium Depth Peels in which the procedure goes slightly deeper into the skin and is appropriate for those with acne, wrinkles, light scars, pigmentations, dark circles and light sun burns. Finally there is Deep Peels which is the strongest type of peel amongst the three. This peeling procedure penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and gives the best possible results, but as this is a strong chemical process it takes longer time for the skin to regenerate. Deep peels give amazing results on severely sun damaged skin, severe acne, deep scars, deep lines and heavy wrinkles.

Facial peel is also known by the name of chemical peel. It is a process in which your upper layer of skin, which is damaged and contains problems, is removed by applying a chemical which transforms the upper skin into the lamina and is then peeled off. Facial peel method is very useful to cure acne. It is also helpful for wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, scars and spots. Different concentrations and types of chemicals are used to target different problems. Some are natural and some are synthetic. Mostly natural acid peels are used for mild problems like, brightening the face and curing mild scars or wrinkles. And synthetic strong peels are used for deeper skin problems like deep scars and more severe wrinkles. Some of the best facial peels used for acne are mentioned in this article.

Phenol peel is amongst the strongest peels available. Its high concentration penetrates through more layers of skin. It also takes more time to treat. It penetrates beyond epidermis to dermis layer and requires almost two hours. It is effective for improvement of the appearance of atrophic acne scars. This is also amongst the most dangerous peels available and should not be done without supervision and consultancy of an expert.

Skin PeelTrichloroacetic acid is amongst the medium facial peels. They have ability to penetrate a little deep than just superficial layers.  It helps to remove fine lines, uneven pigmentation and blemishes. It also heals the damage caused by sun. this type of peel is very effective to remove acne scars and can prove to be a good option for those who have dark skin ( usually darker skinned patients are not considered suitable for facial peel treatment ) , as the peel doesn’t affect the skin color very much and doesn’t seems to have any pigmentation irregularities side effects.

Glycolic facial peels are amongst the mild peels. It only affects the outer layers of skin and cures superficial skin problems. Glycolic acids occur naturally and are very safe for use on skin, still higher concentrations of glycolic acids could be fatal. It just targets the upper dead skin and removes the upper layer along with dead skin cells and improves the overall look of skin by curing mild scars and acne.

Acne is a very common problem, but some people face very severe cases of acne, acne can destroy  a person’s self-esteem. Also even if acne is cures by medicines or by using other skin care products, it stops growing but leaves its marks and scars behind. In these particular cases facial peel is very effective. Jessner Peel removes the upper layers of skin and bring up the fresh new skin which is not only problem free but also doesn’t contain the marks or proof of any past problem. Several types of peel are available which are used to cure different problems considering many facts like, how deep is problem? How many layers should be treated? And what is the health and type of patient’s skin.Jessner Peel

Jessner Peel can achieve what topical acne medicines fail to achieve. This treatment causes the upper damaged layer of skin to blister and exfoliate. Skin doesn’t immediately peel of like a mask, but over a time period, little by little. When the old skin is removed a new and fresh skin replaces it. That’s how not only acne is cured but is marks are also removed from the face. If you go for Jessner Peel to cure acne, not only acne is cured but your wrinkles are also removed and your skin is brightened, like an added bonus all by one treatment.

Every person has its own skin features and type. Some have oily skin, some have dry skin. Does this affect the method of Jessner Peel? Yes! Acne is also not of one type. Sometimes its temporary, caused by puberty and hormone changes. Sometimes its long enough to destroy your skin. What it leaves behind also depends on skin type. If acne scars are deeper, peels like TCA or phenol are used. They penetrate through more layers of skin and remove deeper skin problems.

Whatever your problem is, Jessner Peel should never be done without expert consultancy. Also you should keep in mind that the new skin which arrives as a result of Jessner Peel is very sensitive, especially to sun. Long and direct exposure to sun can damage your skin, in some cases permanently damages are caused, like leaving your skin with uneven coloration or sun burn. For long lasting and better results use a low concentration skin peel agent with you daily products like face wash. It not only keeps your skin immune to but also stimulates its healing power.